Tonight was another PvP event. Recently promoted Guild Champion Bighoss writes:

“After a slight hiccup on grouping together, a few brave souls started the PvP event for the night. We did our best to bring honor to the Horde! Fflarn, Fistlok, Gulluthord, Lvana and I fought with great tenacity. The first rated battleground didn’t go as planned, but we didn’t let that stop our hopes! Everyone showed vast improvement compared to last week’s attempts.”

Congratulations, you guys! Take it from a raid leader, there’s a lot of work that goes into forming a team and working together cohesively. That you’ve already seen improvement is wonderful. Keep it up!

“We then did one Kotmogu Brawl and to our surprise, pulled out the win!”

Guild chat was lit up with Temple of Kotmogu Victory & related achievements.

“To all who came tonight, thank you. I hope for many more in the future. And to Lunzz, even though you weren’t there, we tried to make you proud. PVP events are planned on the calendar. We would love to see you all on the glorious field of battle!”

We’ve got a lot of PvP planned! Now that the raiding season is winding down, we hope you’ll join us. I myself will be spending most of the next few days in Ashran, as both Ashran and Strand of the Ancients are disappearing in the BfA prepatch, which is confirmed for the 17th (4 days away). If you’re more of a battleground kind of person, there’s another Rated Battleground night planned for Tuesday, and a Random Battleground night planned for next Thursday. Take advantage of the battleground bonus event next week!

In honor of our recent PvP pushes, I’ve added a new category to the posts on the website: PvP. Now you’ll be able to view all PvP related posts in one convenient location! Stay tuned for other exciting events in the PvP lineup, and how we intend to give improved support for this new direction from the Ministry of Defense.