We expect a big turnout for the Uldir Raid Info meeting on Thursday. 50+ people have signed up. If even half of those who signed up attend, it’s going to get real crazy in the Discord channel. Please mute your microphone during the meeting and do not ask questions or speak up out of turn. Hold off on questions and commentary until the very end. Anyone who speaks up out of turn may find themselves muted and even removed from the channel.

If you have questions before (or that arise during) the meeting, keep track of them in a notepad or otherwise on your own device. Don’t ask/type them during the meeting until Q&A time, please. It will only distract yourself and others and you may miss important information while the Raid Leads are talking.

There will be a post in the Raiding Announcements channel that will have a hand emoji react on it. If you have a question (or several), please react to it. We’ll be answering questions based on the names that react to the post. This is to keep 20 people from speaking up at once all over one-another. Once your question or questions have been answered, feel free to un-react to the post (this is especially useful if multiple people have the same question).

One or more of us will be taking minutes during the meeting so we can share and reference all the information we cover as well as the questions that we didn’t anticipate ahead of time.