Bellatori in our guild is offering a free battle pet leveling service on tradeable pets. The details of which are below:

From Bellatori-

Hi everyone!
I’ve started using two addons to level pets – TDScripts and Rematch.
Because of this, I’ve found leveling pets to be a lot easier now.
I know that some people would like to pet battle, but leveling up the needed pets can be a hassle.
So, I’d like to start leveling guildies pets for them 🙂

The details:
This will happen on specific days that good leveling battles are up.
This is entirely FREE – no cost to any guildies except postage for pets, if you mail me your pets.
Please ensure you have one level 25 on your account already (easily obtainable through the garrison). This is so you can learn the 25s I level for you.
And, as this is a new event, I will cap it out at 5 pets per person per event until I figure out roughly how many people are interested
What do you need to do?
– Send pets to Bellatori
– Wait
– Profit!
*It would be helpful if you nicknamed your pets whatever your character name is, but I will be keeping track of who sends me what anyways