Welcome back, and it’s been a while!

Some of you may remember the Weekly Raid Roundups from Uldir and Battle for Dazar’alor back in the day. Once we got heavy into having 2 separate teams, it became a struggle to keep up, so I stopped doing them. It acted as a place to keep notes of changing strategies and “what worked, what didn’t” so everyone was on the same page moving forward.

With the return of the Roundup there will be a few changes.

  • I don’t intend to do these weekly, but during key points in progression, it is a helpful place to keep track of what everyone has been up to. So you are likely to see these for the next few weeks, winding down as progression ends up slowing over time.
  • I’ll sort them by team, so relevant information is easily accessible (though I encourage you to check out the review for the other team as well – you never know what might be useful).
  • Quetzie diagrams are making a return.
  • The Roundups are likely to be much more list-y than previously.

Weekend Warriors:

Lineda has a list of things she noticed about the Weekend Warriors during their first go at the raid.

Good things:

  • Quick reflexes!!!!! The Warriors were generally pretty good about moving in for soaks quickly, taking mechanics out, repositioning, etc.
  • Very good about keeping comms clear during fights
  • Everyone had a good attitude, even after the fifth or sixth wipe on a boss there wasn’t really any negativity that I noticed
  • Good teamwork all around. The raiders gave very helpful input and feedback regarding mechanics and the timing for lusts/phase changes.
    • Raiders worked together pretty well for the orb slices on lady inerva
  • Not a lot of downtime.
    • Very good about buffing up, eating, etc between pulls.
    • We didn’t have to wait 10 minutes between each pull for one reason or another.

Things to improve:

  • Make sure to call out if you’re going to immune something!
    • This especially applies to Huntsman, though applies to other bosses moving forward, too.
  • Don’t fall behind on Sun King when the shade comes out!
  • Don’t be afraid to do mechanics
    • On Lady Darkvein, if a circle needs soaking and you’re the closest one to it, soak it!
    • Don’t be afraid to channel on Sun King if you don’t have the debuff (unless we specifically call out to stop channels).
    • Don’t be afraid to run around the pillars to avoid Shriekwing’s shriek.
  • Make sure to put in work outside of raid.
    • Get geared (mythic+ or PvP).
    • Get your legendary.
    • Practice your spec.
    • Acceptable ilvl/damage for Shriekwing might not be enough for Council / Sludgefist / Sir Denny

Mythic Team

For the Mythic team, we’re going to be breaking up the review on a per-boss basis. This will also include some useful information on bosses that we haven’t seen yet.

Raid Preparation/Effort (rotation, keys, renown, conduits, torghast, etc.)

  • You need to do keys
    • Not doing keys is seriously going to set you back.
    • The ilvl difference between people doing keys and not doing them is winding up around 15  ilvl or more. That’s massive.
    • Doing keys forces you to practice your rotation more than twice a week
    • Doing keys forces you to learn quick reaction times
    • Doing keys forces you to communicate better
  •  Scheduling/Communication
    • If you know you can’t get stuff done on the weekend or Monday, you need to communicate and plan for tues/wed or post-raid activities
    • If you haven’t done a key by the weekend, communicate so we can coordinate with you to get one done
    • Torghast can be tough to solo for some classes, but it needs to be done for your legendary/s, so ask around for people to help you out
  • Complacency
    • Spec does not define performance
      • Don’t use it as an excuse
      • If your spec is doing well, you can’t afford to slack off
      • If your spec isn’t doing well, don’t get defeated.
      • We’re not world 1st raiders here. Personal performance matters more than spec.
      • Wowanalyzer
  • We have a lot of people in the same spec
    • Talk shop with your cohorts to see what can be done to improve on each fight
  • Effort
    • Try to do more than the bare minimum
    • Continually doing the bare minimum or less may cost you your spot
    • We have 30 Weekend Warriors thirsting for your spot
    • We like to have fun but if you’re holding back progression because of laziness, that’s rude to your friends


  • Be aware of the difference between the “hide” and the “sidestep” attacks – earsplitting shriek (hide) echoing screech (sidestep).
  • Heroic:
    • Save a defensive for the wandering boss phase
    • You don’t need to HUG the pillar. You can be 10 feet back, just be out of LoS.
    • Night Fae, Venthyr: save movement CDs for this phase
    • Ticking blood on the floor doesn’t hurt too bad. Dodging donuts and LoS is more important than dodging a blood puddle.
  • Positioning: keep up with the boss location / line of sight. Don’t just plant in one spot.
  • Excellent job running Echolocation to the edges. Required 0 prompting from us.


  • Sinseeker arrows were excellently handled
  • Callouts for immunities need to be improved, but excellent usage
  • Priority add swapping improved as time went on
  • Excellent positioning of puddles
  • We (raid leads) need to come up with a CC rotation that everyone is clear on


  • We (raid leads) will put markers on the ground so people know where to bring lines of damage
  • Warlock portal locations
  • Should look something like this:

    • Melee bring arrows to red, and green if necessary
    • Ranged bring arrows to orange / green (use warlock portal if slow classes)
    • Second warlock portal to help melee get away during suck phase

Sun King

  • Stack better in the intermission
  • We will organize groups 1-5 for blood funneling (think combination of MOTHER, Maut, etc)
    • If you can’t see group 5&6 or whatever, fix your fucking UI.
  • Call out CC and adds
    • This is on us to call out better


  • Phase 3, enter portal with 2 seconds or 1 second left on the timer to safely get through portal & not die
  • Heroic:
    • Traps: Take 1 second to stop casting, look around for traps, THEN run out your portal. Don’t get stuck in a trap with your portal. Take your time, we will give you speed boosts to get away if need be.
    • Clearing traps at 9 traps, we will come up with rotation
    • Raid Leads: We will be more aware of portal drop timing for trap clears (so people don’t pop an immunity CD and then get a mechanic they need to run out)
    • Layout something like this, markers TBD


  • Save defensive cooldowns for when you are marked with red lines.
  • Please pay attention to where others are when they are running to orbs, and be aware if your class is faster to rearrange than another. See the below diagram for a common occurrence we have seen when it comes time to pop the red bubbles:

    • If I (a druid) am on #3, and I see Uro (a DK) on #2, I’ll just run to the far orb myself (bottom).
    • If I see Dino (a DH), on dot #2, I will ask him to move orbs so I can go to the one closer to me (top).
    • On mythic you will NOT want to cross lines, so get used to shifting around and communicating if need be, we will need to do much more of the top diagram.
  • Don’t just sit and plant and assume that you’re done once you reach your orb. Wiggle around a little if need be.
  • Don’t use defensives for the single soak, it doesn’t really hurt that bad.
  • Bring add to boss, not on boss


  • Kill order: Frieda, Niklaus, Stavros
  • Need to start learning running nearby your partner, as that wil hurt on future difficulties.
    • For now, focus on getting away from others first.
  • Dance Macabre
    • DO NOT try to pre-predict the dance
    • You MUST be in the MIDDLE of your square and move across the corners
  • Priority Add swap H A R D p3
    • Harder than you think
    • Move next to it asap, even if ranged
    • There is a Dark Recital overlap happening at the same time. Be aware!
  • Hard switch & CC waiters with stun , knock into melee, grips, etc if possible
  • Don’t leave the room arena, even to kill adds


  • Lust pillar 3
  • Ranged chained to melee need to move to melee
  • DO NOT blink, dash, dip, dive, or dodge when you are chained, or you’ll fucking kill people
    • Stutter step
  • Hold DPS CDs for vulnerability phases
    • Anything 3 minutes on pull, save huge CDs for 3rd pillar / lust
  • Melee can’t stand in the big circle.
    • Ouch

Stone Legion

  • Mostly Single Target , high movement
  • If you’ve got the bleed on you, stack with crystalize-marked player
    • Call out if you have crystalize
    • WHOLE GROUP should stack with meteor
  • Run out Reverberating Eruption to edge
    • Soak that when you do NOT have eruption on you
    • Do not double-soak unless you have an immunity
  • Use defensives liberally if they have short CDs
  • Intermission
    • Don’t be near a ledge when Renethal breaks out of intermission
  • Bosses need to die at the same time


  • Part 1 positioning is very important
  • No soaking Cleaning Pain in Section 3 unless at 3+ stacks
    • Just burn boss
  • Transition: MOVE ASAP DO NOT WAIT
    • Swap to cat, spirit wolf, etc if you can BEFORE the transition
    • Priests be ready with life grips
    • Do not run into the middle, it knocks you back, you might get rekt
  • Use mirrors liberally in p2
  • Lust p3
  • Position yourself behind the boss in P3 (boss will be toward edge of the room) or you’ll be knocked off the edges