Major Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Raid Rule Changes
  • 9.2 Prep
  • Loot Rules / Changes
  • Mythic +
  • 9.2 Launch Activities
  • 9.2 Progression Plan
  • Q&A


  • Welcome
    • Impawsible (tank), Dabber (dh dps)
    • Back: Tiiv, Peepsy, Butterbolts
    • Looking for: Disc priest
  • Who we are
    • Quetzie: analyst, tech help
    • Tiraffe: analyst
    • Zextol: callouts, HR
    • Urostek: HR

Raider Expectations / Rules

  • NEW: Mythic raiders are required to use microphones
  • NEW: Mythic raiders are expected to say something in raiding attendance if they’re quitting the raid group.
    • Can be done after talking to raid leads. Just cuts down on us answering the same question 40 times.
  • NEW: MRT / ERT required for mythic raiding
  • NEW: simplified loot rolls
    • 100 for main spec
    • 75 for raid offspec (ie if you’re filling a 5th healer role; not for your M+ specs)
    • 50 for everything else.
  • NEW: mage portals etc are instant. Anyone putting them on top of warlock gates, summoning stones, etc will be removed with no excuses. Please say where portals are going before putting them down. You will be sat if you break this rule.
  • Raid Guides and Raid Rules
  • Stay up to date on all discord/website information
    • Keep an eye on channels for guides so we’re all on the same page – hope to minimize guesswork on which strat we are using
  • Will be adding people to the audit sheet, readycheckio, etc soon.
    • Please be aware of your limitations in regards to trinkets for your role / spec, and weapons available to your class/spec.

Finalizing Mains

  • Everyone should know their mains by launch day. Check in if you’re still not sure.

9.2 Prep

  • Switching covenants
    • Get any to 80 you think you’ll need.
    • The vendor in Oribos next to the flightmaster sells Timebound Ruminations that boosts your followers level on the mission table to lvl 30
  • Remake legendaries
    • Tier sets + changing covenants + double leggos will force some legendaries to be recrafted.
      • Check in with your class discord / wowhead / etc to see where your legendary should go and if you need a new one
      • Write on the Mythic Planning Sheet if you know you need a new one. If you aren’t sure, reach out ASAP.
      •  The set pieces are the Head, Shoulders, Chest, Hands, and Legs slots.
        • If you’re going to put a leggo in a tier slot, the Head should be bis in theory. This is for 2 reasons:
          • Head slot leggos come with a guaranteed socket
          • Shoulder and Chest tier pieces come with increased ilvl from later bosses
        • Current leggo slot restrictions may impact what tier pieces you will want and vice/versa due to stats or effect
          • Ex: Spriest can put SFP leggo on Head or Hands, both of which are tier slots, but the both tier pieces have Haste on them
      • Covenant-specific legendary slot is on the belt by default.
      • If your main power can’t be crafted in helmet, you can craft your Unity power in that slot once you obtain it in week 5. Legs are a good backup option but do not come with the guaranteed socket.
    • Check in with specific crafters to make these slots, or purchase off AH for cheapish
      • Cloth: Corig/Tiraffe
        • Gloves, Legs | Cloak, Waist
      • Leather: Gary
        • Pants
      • Mail: Foko, HK
        • Hands | Wrists
      • Plate: Drankil, Waddles, Corlgnis
        • Waist
      • Jewelcrafting: Uro
        • Neck, Ring
    • Valor is likely to be reset with the new patch, so any spare valor right now should be used to purchase more crafting mats to funnel to crafters.

Loot Rules

  • Loot distribution:
    • Trade item to designated WL to put it up for trade.
    • will be used to double-check MS, OS, etc.
    • We may be asking for droptimizer reports periodically as loot needs get updated (not often).
      • There are plenty of folks in the guild that can run the premium sims if needed.
    • See previously mentioned simplified loot rolls
  • Tier Set priority for mythic group loot
    • Tier set pieces from raid are gained via usable tokens from certain bosses
      • These tokens can be traded provided you already have a tier set piece in that slot of equal ilvl or greater
      • If you have a 272 non-tier hat you cannot trade a 259 tier hat token
    • Done like dom sockets
      • If you have 3 pieces you get priority to get the 4th
      • If you have 1 piece you get priority for the 2nd
      • Equal priority for 0 and 2 pieces
    • Tier pieces can also be gained from the Great Vault, including the M+ and rated PVP boxes. We won’t be requiring folks to do rated PVP.
      • Folks are free to delay their selection of the Great Vault until after raid for the week. It’s probably best to do this if you have 2+ tier set pieces showing up in your Great Vault.
    • Tier pieces can also be created from non-tier pieces using the Creation Catalyst in the new zone, starting on Week 8.
    • Tier Set Groups
      • Mystic Token – Druids/Hunters/Mages
      • Venerated Tokens – Paladins/Priests/Shamans
      • Zenith Tokens – Monks/Rogues/Warriors
      • Dreadful Tokens – Demon Hunters/Death Knights/Warlocks

Weekend Filling

  • Weekend team mains/alts:
    • Peepo has a contract for those who want to participate in the weekend team.
    • We hope to prevent people bringing in undergeared characters who show up for 2 weeks, take loot, and never return to the weekend raid.

Raid Materials

  • Donations
    • Beginning Soon
  • BoE Farms
    • Not required every week, but we ask you come at least sometimes

Mythic + in 9.2

  • You need to run 4 dungeons per week until well into Mythic raid
    • People not running M+ prevents us:
      • Extending lockouts (since they need gear)
      • Progressing more quickly (lack of gear = fights harder)
      • Min-maxing itemization (gear going to ‘whoever has lowest ilvl’ rather than ‘whoever needs bis stats/trinkets/etc’)
    • +8 mythic gives 252 ilvl end of dungeon, 262 ilvl Great Vault for early gearing
      • Anyone on mythic should be able to do that easily
      • Mythic 10 and up is necessary to get 265 ilvl out of Great Vault
      • Mythic 12 is a go-between from Heroic to Mythic raid ilvl (259/272)
      • Max end of dungeon rewards are from +14s (262)
      • Mythic 15 required for 278 ilvl from Great Vault
      • During the first week of Season 3, end of dungeon loot will be capped at +10 which is ilvl 255. When you get your first season 3 vault on the first week of Mythic, your vault can award up to a 278 item.
  • Grab tier from vault when able
    • Until you have the Creation Catalyst (week 8), you should not pick a non-set item in a set item slot from your weekly vault.
    • Caveat: rare trinkets (IQD, Hakkar, etc) at max ilvl
      • Tavazesh dungeon loot have also been added to the dungeon boxes
    • A note about weapons
      • The Sylvanas Bow and Dagger will likely be BiS for some specs going well into 9.2. Check sims and see if it’s worth keeping or farming.

9.2 Launch Activities

  • New npc in Zereth Mortis sells boa catch-up gear (at least 226 ilvl/sandsworn relic 246 ilvl gear)
  • Keep up-to-date on Zereth Mortis activities
    • Sockets
      • Unknown if there will be an item to add sockets to gear
    • Conduits
      • Covenant Conduits drop from M+ dungeons
      • Forge of Bonds to easily change soulbinds / conduits in Zereth Mortis
      • Individual random conduit upgrade
        • Unknown source – MAYBE from +15s (up to 265)
      • Bulk upgrade
        • Alt catchup: 226 for all conduits @ friendly (font of ephemeral power)
        • Requires KHS achieve (all 20s): 278 all conduits
    • 2,000 Cosmic Flux
      • Upgrading from a Rank 6 to Rank 7
    • Rank 7 base item
      • Requires Honored to get new recipe
    • Compared to Korthia, you don’t have to try to kill every rare just to squeeze out every last drop of rep. Rares give literal peanuts worth of rep. And after all, we raid on Thursday, so no need to rush on reset.
  • The main activity to do in Zereth Mortis comes from the bi-weekly quest,  Patterns Within Patterns. Think of covenant assaults or n’zoth assaults that swapped on Fridays
  • New World Boss (anima sphere / adaptive armor conduits, 259 loot)

9.2 Raid Progression Plan and Other Notes

  • Week 1 (3/1)
    • Only the first 8 bosses on Normal and Heroic are available
    • Bosses drops Tier Tokens on bosses:
      •  6 (Hands), 7(Legs),8 (Head), 10 (Shoulder), 11(Chest)
  • Week 2 (⅜)
    • Last 3 bosses of Normal and Heroic are unlocked, Mythic is also unlocked
    • Crafters will probably hit Honored sometime during this week.
  • Week 3 (3/15) and beyond?
    • ? May continue full-clearing Normal just for tier set pieces for week 3 & 4?
      • I.e we get dumpster tier luck and we keep getting duplicates
    • Raider’s guide to 9.2 suggests 4-5 weeks of full Normal and full Heroic and a little bit of Mythic should be able to get a group of 24 mythic raiders a full set bonus on average, not counting tier pieces from the Vault or duplicates that can’t be traded
    • Will also get us the skip quest done for N & H difficulties (via killing Boss 8).
  • Week 4 (3/22)
    • Last week of reclearing Normal at the latest, before it switches to an optional Sunday thing. This is assuming we end up with 5-7 people still missing their 2-set, otherwise we start hitting Heroic fulltime.
  • Week 5 (3/29)
    • Double leggos are unlocked at this point via Chapter 7 of the campaign with the free covenant leggo belt (ilvl 265)
      • Will want to get Revered with the Enlightened at some point just to make organizing double leggo + tier set easier. The leggo does not come with a free socket and requires the Revered recipe to get the effect at a higher ilvl. Revered CAN be gained before the start of week 5.
      • Exalted won’t be required, as Exalted only gets you that infinite Augment rune they put in during the last patch of the expac and the SLands mission table practically floods you if you’ve got it set up.
      • The CE/3000 M+ rating/2400 CR 278 ilvl conduit item got moved to the covenant vendors and lost the rep requirement
  • Week 8 (4/19)
    • The Creation Catalyst becomes unlocked. The CC can be used to convert non-tier pieces into tier pieces. It is at this point you can start picking up non-tier from the Great Vault provided you have a charge available to turn it into a tier piece.
      • The CC requires Cosmic Flux, which is also used for upgrading Leggos to rank 7 (ilvl 291). Cosmic Flux can be gained from most SLands content.

Raider Evals

  • Sometime when we step into Mythic raid
  • We may ask for self-evals first, or we may just tell you what we see outside of ‘eval time’
  • Previous examples of raider homework:
  • Don’t get defensive if another raider, even a non raid lead, starts to chat with you about your class / rotation. Lots of people play alts. Talking shop and working together is important. Just make sure to state the context (the Why of it) so folks know where you’re coming from. You both may learn something!

Useful Links


Q0: Impawsta
Why are we requiring only 4 m+ runs?
A0: More of a general expectation.  We can’t exactly force people to do keys. However, running only 1 instead of 4 for several weeks, especially early on, will be obvious. Not everyone has the time to run +10 m+ dungeons on top of everything else we’re wanting folks to do (life happens). Use the keystone channel to help organize runs if you have limited time for keys.

Q1: Octanis
Is there a central channel we will be throwing things we “find out” about the new content? ( conduits, faster paths to rep etc etc)?
A1: PTR channel is stuff on the ptr. Once it’s released, every channel is free game. Feel free to add good tips to the mythic channel, dps/healer/tank channels, etc.

Q2: Octanis
We starting with normal? What’s our progression going to be like?
A2: For sure. Mainly going for set pieces. N Tier set matters more than H or M non-tier. So we are likely to do Normal thursday / heroic friday for at least 2 weeks. We will then evaluate how much tier everyone has and go from there.

Q3: HK
Do y’all have a recommendation for what folks play? Do you care what classes we take?
A3: Most recent sims have Enhance Shaman slapping. We also have good coverage for Warrior buff.

Can I switch mains if it’s just not working out?
A4: Yes, provided you let the warlords know (2 week notice) and if it’s a huge problem (only mage buff, switching to underperforming spec, etc.). Use those 2 weeks to get logs proving that you don’t suck at the new character. Pass gear during those 2 weeks. Give us some logs. That said, if you finish raid on day 1 and go “oh no I’ve made a mistake”, we will let you swap early.

Q5: HK
Is Kindred Affinity still going?
A5: “Simp druid is dead, long live Venthyr’ – Quetzie

Anything Else

Got any additional questions? Ask us and we’ll add it to this post!