Hallow's End 2022 Voting

Best in Show
Pull out all the stops and show us the costume you think will impress us most!
The Urostek
Scar us with the ugliest, mish-mashiest, or gaudiest transmog you can come up with.
Show off your best themed mog for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion!!
IRL Costume
Any costume you created for someone else or something you have personally worn in real life.
Season’s Greetings!
Fall/Autumn theme with Pumpkin Helmet (you may need help to find someone to Pumpkin Helmet you)!
I know how to do that!
Recreate any profession or trade skill with an in-game transmog (in-game or out of game)

Submission time has run out, and voting is open!


To select an entry, click on the caption beneath the picture. If you have not voted in the contest, you will see a big blue “Vote” button. If you have already voted in this particular contest, you will not see anything but pictures and labels. Votes within the same household may wind up blocked, so if you believe you are unable to vote, please let Quetzie know.

Clicking the picture will bring up a larger version of the image. Please click the images to see more details than our small thumbnails allow for!

You may vote once over the course of the voting period per category, regardless of whether or not you partook in it. You may cast 2 votes per category, or 3 votes for Best in Show.


Season's Greetings


The Urostek