Meeting Agenda:

  • Warbringer Intros
  • PvP Atmosphere and Community Goals
  • Events and their schedules
  • Rule Changes and new point system
  • Confirmation changes
  • General Conduct
  • Q&A Questions


Frost: Runs most events, RBG strat/target lead, main arena support.
Main: Frostlitch
Alts: Ghorgak, Gaberr, Grianhorn, Gromag, Lodero, Natjek, and more

Phill: Helps run events, RBG strat/target lead, keeps the PvP roster, and makes changes to the website.
Main: Angrytrollol
Alts:   Ooblar, mspallypants, kerblamojr, maynurd, ninjabandito

Hoss: Runs mostly all Administrative tasks eg. attendance, promotions…
Main: Deathhoss

PvP Atmosphere and Community Goals:

PvP in the guild will be focused on the objective of being fun but fair and to build a supportive community. The PvP community in WoW is known to be quite competitive but also has a casual audience so the goal is for everyone to be able to have fun and progress to their liking. First off, an understanding must be made from more casual players that if you wish to be competitive or jump after rewards that are from only higher rated matches you need to also put in the work to get those rewards. A higher degree of coordination and effort is required as you advance on the rated matches ladder. This makes carrying a chore and can hinder higher rated players progress as losses from lower rated players results in bigger penalties the higher you go. For the more competitive players we want them to understand we have their back if they wish to compete in higher brackets and push rating. Choices for teams in events such as arenas can be made by members and whom they are comfortable playing with. If no preference is specified, then we will figure the best arrangements in respect to ratings and what the best team comps are from what we’re working with.

If you are a more casual player who does not want to dive into the rated ladder, we have PvP for fun and Island events that we don’t take as seriously for just good general fun. Existing members already have helped support our PvP community with content like guides for newcomers to arenas or advanced tactics on the website and through discord, and we would like to keep that support vibe going with the community. Supporting both the hardcore and casual players alike we hope will build a community that both attracts newcomers and keeps its dedicated players in mind, helping everyone have fun and progress. As said in the beginning we are trying to build a supportive community and we want to help each other reach all our goals.

Events and their schedules:

Rated Battlegrounds, Sundays 5:00 PM Server / 8:00 PM EST: These are probably our biggest events and events where the comps are probably going to be the most difficult to assemble. It’s due to the nature of certain comp requirements flexibility will be key here for our members as due to certain maps our comp will need to adapt the best it can to certain changes and certain roles will be required for better outcome. There is no one shoe fits all comp so we will lose in certain situations no matter what but we want to do the best we can to push more this season.

PvP for Fun, Tuesdays 5:00 PM Server / 8:00 PM EST: This is a casual event to have some pvp fun in a less competitive atmosphere than our rated events. These activities can range from random BGs, epic BGs, PvP Brawls, Call to Arms Weekly Quests, or even more community driven events like world PvP achievement hunting such as killing every Alliance cities Leaders and more. Suggestions for fun events are welcome.

PvP Islands and Rated Arenas, Wednesdays 5:00 PM Server / 8:00 PM EST: Half Casual and Half Competitive events which start with PvP islands for more casual PvP fun and help filling out your weekly Island azurite bars. Then the event shifts to arenas for those who decide to stay and attend those either gathering up with us to make the best comps we can or if they already have a team in mind or preferred people whisper any the leaders whom you are running with and start off your arena runs. For PvP Islands you can also request preferences if you wish as well.

Rule Changes and new point system:

A new point system is in place this season that will be used to keep track of attendance for events and eligibility/maintaining Gladiator guild rank status:

  • 14 Points within a month period will award members Gladiator status and is required to maintain it.
  • 2 Points are awarded for Rated battlegrounds.
  • 1 Point is awarded for PvP Islands and the extra point if you stay for Rated Arenas.
  • 1 Point is awarded for PvP for fun.

New changes to make up points are as follows for those who unfortunately can’t attend certain events:

  • 0.5 Points are rewarded for completing with another guildie either one of these: 4 RBGs, 8 3v3s, or 10 2v2s.

Confirmation changes:

Members must reconfirm reading rules on the website and send us required info in order to attend rated events.

Phill will be building a PvP roster. Please give him the name of your main and any alts you wish to participate. This will be a roster of members that will be available to the public as well for an overview of our members and what we have available to us.

General Conduct:

Conduct is important in these events and we want everyone in the community to respect each other as well as their officers who take time out of their lives to make these activities possible. We understand that the PvP environment can get very tense but it is not an excuse for inappropriate behavior. Ditching events without notice is an example of this behavior and will be dealt with. It is difficult to create comps and it takes away from the goal of making a supportive community if people leave in the middle of an event. There are lessons to be learned from our failures and everyone’s input is required for the team to get better. We understand that emergencies pop up and we will accept those reasons if that is so.

Q&A Questions:

Q: Corruption and item level requirements for Rated PvP?
A: Corruption requirements have not been thought of yet as due to the random nature of it, but it is advised to watch what you can handle and if that hinders your ability to complete strats or win games then you will need to make accommodating changes. Item level requirements are set to 445, though for the first several weeks due to Blizz hard caps hindering us the first week the requirement will be more flexible but not going below the bar of 435.

Q: Essence / Neck level Rated requirements?
A: 3 essence slots unlocked but later when more people get past neck level 75 all slots unlocked will begin to be enforced for rated events. Other than that, use whatever essences best fit your class and spec. We know that grinding out essences even with being nerfed is a serious drag, so it’s not a massive concern to us.