Member Content Submission

Share your fun with us! Gotten any impressive personal achievements? Made a cool transmog? Gotten a lucky upgrade? Maybe you drew a fun picture? We’d love to see these! The sky’s the limit…and since we’re up high on Aerie Peak, we’re well past the sky!

If you have a screenshot of a Raid kill, a Guild Achievement, or something else equally impressive for us, we’d really love to see those!

  • To submit an image, upload your picture to a trusted off-site address (like at, photobucket, etc), and link it within the submission description. Please don’t message us images on Discord unless we specifically ask you to send them. This is to avoid us having potentially abusive images uploaded onto the server.
  • Please select the category “Member Content” from the dropdown

One of the Officers will review your submission within a few days. If there are problems, we’ll do our best to mail you, so please make sure that your in-game name is in the text somewhere!

Please complete the required fields.