Member Portal

Useful Links

Legion Companion App – iOS/Android app that allows you to manage your Order Hall, view World Quests, and more – Look up pretty much anything you could ever want to about the game – Look up guild/character progress in raids, ilvl, artifact power, etc. – Look up our guild or your character stats and performance in raids. – class guides, boss info, etc – current value of crafted items/supplies on our server on the Auction House – current/trending value of any item you could want to look up on the Auction House

Add-ons – DBM warns you of boss mechanics and has other great features – Yells at you when you’re standing in fire – allows pretty much anything. Can track item usage, ability usage, buffs, debuffs, etc. – Shows nav points on your map as well as arrows to your body while dead.

Class Discords

Need help with your class? Here’s some class-specific discord communities to get you started:

Warrior: Skyhold
Paladin: Hammer of Wrath
Hunter: Trueshot Lodge & Warcraft Hunter’s Union
Rogue: Ravenholdt
Priest: HowToPriest & Netherlight Temple
Death Knight: Acherus
Shaman: Earthshrine
Mage: Hall of the Guardians
Warlock: Council of the Black Harvest
Monk: PeakOfSerenity
Druid: Dreamgrove
Demon Hunter: Mardum & The Fel Hammer